Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PhotoSwap vs. PhotoKast

Which one is better? Depends on what you like. In PhotoKast, people load a photo to be sent around and viewers vote on it, either thumbs up or thumbs down. Pictures amass votes as they travel from person to person.

In PhotoKast, any photo can be used -- old scanned snapshots to camera shots, to phone shots. In PhotoSwap (unless anyone has hacked the software yet), only a picture out of your phone will work.

So on PhotoKast, you see a lot more posed pics, professional shots and old modeling pictures. No full genitalia nudity is allowed on a kasted picture. Here are some PhotoKast pics:

The pictures tend to be a little more crisp and sometimes staged than on PhotoSwap. Leaving a message to a particular photo taker can be fun on PhotoKast, but I find most of the return pictures are guys clearing out their photo albums of ex-girlfriend pics. Some are quite good, but it's like using a blow-up doll instead of a real woman. You can also leave text messages to picture senders. I prefer fiddling with PhotoKast when I'm in line at the post office or somewhere and let old ladies behind me see what's coming up on my phone--that's just me though.

On PhotoSwap, the pictures tend to be more raw and lower quality in nature--but they are also in real time (of course, except for the fake "pictures of a picture" swapper). Notice the difference in the PhotoSwap pics:

The lighting isn't quite as crisp in the PhotoSwap pics, you can see blemishes, the focus is sometimes not quite right. But the pictures you can get off-the-fly are a lot more surprising. Sure, most are shitty pics of keyboards and hairy legs, but once in a while a gem pops up on your phone.

On PhotoKast though, there are some funny pics people decide to kast out:

Which is better, PhotoSwap or PhotoKast? Well, if you like the grungy garage-band type pictures that are more spontaneous, PhotoSwap fills the bill a bit better. If you like the tailored sound of a good studio album, PhotoKast pics are better. Leaving messages and potentially swapping on PhotoKast makes it a bit more interactive within the app. Though on PhotoSwap, I find hooking up via email or by other means after initial swaps has turned out to yield more pleasure for me. But the call is up to you...

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